Carbon Neutral Challenge

Event Introduction

Actions create opportunities 

Carbon neutrality aims to offset the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions  through afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction within a period of time.

Carbon Neutral Challenge promotes a progmatic low-carbon living model which continuously reduces carbon emissions through every simple act of life; and explores the feasibilites and effectiveness of applying Nature Based Solutions (NbS) in community that is simple, affordable and sustainable to achieve the goals of resources recycling, climate risk management and climate change mitigation.


Nature Based Solutions (NbS) is an important countermeasure for climate risk management that recognizes environmental management is a key component to reduce disaster risk and increase resilience. It helps to build a city that is naturally livable, through enhancing climate resilience, health and ecological diversity, and serves as an urban carbon sink.


To enroll the Carbon Neutral Challenge, please refer to the Chinese version for more detailed information
Carbon Neutral Challenge Project is sponsored by the Bank of China (Hong Kong), all programmes of the project are free of charge.

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